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Arte Vini Znojmo

The finest grapes for our Znojmo product range are sourced out from various vineyard plots in the neighbourhood of the South-Moravian city of Znojmo from dedicated grape growers on the basis of long-term co-operation. Probably the most famous vineyard in our neighbourhood is called "Kraví hora" (Cow's Mountain in English) that offers the best terroir mainly for our Sauvignon Blanc. Other vineyards where we are purchasing grapes include "Načeratický kopec" that is famous for its Riesling, as well as vineyard plots around the villages called Olbramovice, Vrbovec, Dolní Kounice and Dyjákovice.

We are one of the founding members of the Šaldorfské sklepy association. We have joined the VOC Znojmo association in 2013 (VOC stands for Víno originální certifikace - confirmation of original similar to the French AOC or Austrian DAC) and ever since have been able to offer to our customers the wines bearing the certificate of origin VOC Znojmo. VOC Znojmo is the first Appelation d' Origine system introduced in the Czech Republic.

We focus mainly on the production of dry white wines from typical Znojmo varieties - Veltlínské zelené (Gruener Veltliner), Rýnský ryzlink (Rhine Riesling) and Sauvignon Blanc. Our range is complemented by the international Chardonnay variety and naturally sweet wine from the local variety called Pálava. Last but not least our Brut Reserve - for 36 months traditionally bottle-fermented sparkling wine made of the classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.

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Our Vineyards

The vineyards in the Znojmo region are influenced by the continental climate with large differences between day and night temperatures. Local soil consists mostly of sandstone and loess. These local conditions help to create the typical character of Znojmo wines - fresh and fruity bouquet rounded up by pleasant and elegant minerality on the palate.

We focus mainly on the traditional locally planted varieties, such as Gruener Veltliner, Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. We also see great potential in the relatively recently bred Moravian variety Pálava. Thanks to the local climate and excellent soil conditions, Chardonnay also offers unique wine style with a typical regional Znojmo character. The vineyards are managed exclusively under our supervision in a biologically sustainable and environmentally friendly way to achieve a great diversity of vineyard fauna and flora.

Our Cellar

Our nearly 150-year-old cellar is located south of Znojmo in the village of Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice. The historic, vaulted cellar dug in the sandstone massif creates ideal conditions both for the processing of grapes and especially for the subsequent maturation of our wines. Thanks to the depth of a few meters below the surface, the cellar maintains a constant temperature and high humidity throughout the year, which allows the perfect gradual maturation of our wines in stainless steel tanks as well as in barriques made of French oak. In the press shop, directly under the old wooden press from the 19th century, we have opened a cozy wine bar, where you can sample local cold delicacies, or enjoy a warm treat prepared to order.

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Cellar and Wine Tasting in Znojmo

Ing. René J. Vrátil
Nový Šaldorf 29S
671 81 Nový Šaldorf
mobil: +420 775 044 075