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Velkopavlovická vinařská podooblast

After the entry of financial investors into the project, Arte Vini's activities expanded to the Velkopavlovice wine-growing sub-region, where we managed to acquire our own vineyard plots with a total area of ​​15 hectares in various vineyards. The sloping hills with soil rich in calcium and magnesium also provide perfect exposure to sunlight. Local terroir is a unique area in the whole of the Czech Republic. Thanks to local soil conditions and microclimate, both Burgundy and local red wine varieties regularly reach optimal ripeness.

The largest part of our vineard surface includes the Bojanovska vineyard, which is currently in perfect age and overall condition for producing grapes of excellent quality. Further of our vineyards in Velké Pavlovice are called Išperky, Lizniperky, Staré hory as well as several plots around the villages Starovičky and Němčičky. The average age of our vineyards is 15 years, in some vineyards we grow old vines aging up to 45 years. These unique plots provide us with an excellent raw material for the production of full-bodied and dense red wines.

Our main focus In the Velkopavlovice subregion is towards production of traditional local blue grape varieties Frankovka and Svatovavřinecké (Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent), local crossing called André and especially on Burgundy varieties Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. This assortment is complemented by some other popular varieties, such as Dornfelder, Aurelius, Solaris and other.

We manage all our vineyards in considerate and sustainable way with respect for the place and its surroundings. In the cellar, we use traditional production methods, which allow us to highlight the individual varietal character as well as our local terroir.

We are members of the VOC Modré hory association - the first VOC appelation in the Czech Republic to stipulate production solely of rosé and red wine from traditionally most planted local grape varieties Frankovka, Svatovavřinecké and Modrý Portugal. Rosé wines tend to be more concentrated and intense and are coming to the market within a year after production. For red wines the VOC regulation foresees at least 18 months of ageing before market release, which often makes them well balanced and complex and gives them long cellaring potential.

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Our Vineyards

Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 15 hectares, planted varieties Frankovka, Pinot Gris, Svatovavřinecké ( St. Laurent), Moravský muškát (Muscat), Rýnský ryzlink (Rhine Riesling), Pinot Noir and Sylvánské zelené (Sylvaner). Average age of vineyards is approximately 15 years.

Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 3.2 hectares, planted exlusively with red varieties Svatovavřinecké, Frankovka and Pinot Noir. The age of the vineyards ranges between 15 up to 40 years.

Okolesy in the village of Starovičky
Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 0.8 hectare, planted with 16-year-old vines of Svatovavřinecké variety.

Staré hory
Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 0.5 hectare, planted with vines of Aurelius and Dornfelder varieties aged 16-30 years.

Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 0.5 hectare, planted with old vines (30 years) of Frankovka and André varieties. This vineyard usually gives us the most concentrated grapes for production of our Red Reserve.

Zbavce in the village of Němčičky
Total surface area of ​​the vineyard is 0.5 hectare, planted with 17-year-old vines of the Svatovavřinecké and André varieties.


Our Cellar

Currently, we produce our Velké Pavlovice range of wines in rented premises in the centre of Velké Pavlovice. At the same time, we have already acquired a plot of land on the outskirts of Velké Pavlovice, where we intend to build a new modern winery in the coming years, which will be equipped with all necessary technologies and would be offering also up-to-date visitor centre as well as comfortable accommodation and dining option.

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Wine cellar and tasting
in Velké Pavlovice

Ing. René J. Vrátil
Nový Šaldorf 29S
671 81 Nový Šaldorf
mobil: +420 775 044 075