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Make your own set from VO Range

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Build your set from our VP series for a special price of 900 CZK (5 + 1 Free). In the order note, please write us which composition you prefer.


We offer you the opportunity to compile V.P. your own choice of 6 bottles for the price of 5, ie for 900 CZK. In the order note, please write us which specific wines and how many bottles from each of them you have chosen.

VP Hibernal

Dry white wine of sparkling yellow-gold color. Intense floral citrus aroma, complemented by the scent of elderflower and pineapple.

VP Aurelius

Semi-dry white wine of light green-yellow color with golden highlights. The medium-intense aroma is reminiscent of the scent of linden blossom, citrus fruit and gradually changes to a hint of honey.

VP Dornfelder

Dornfelder VP 2020 is a dry red wine of dark garnet color. The aroma is dominated by aromas of cherries, raspberries and blackberries

VP Pinot Blanc

VP Pinot Blanc 2020 Dry white wine of light yellow-green color with a delicate varietal aroma of citrus and pears


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